Hailing from Finland since 2009 Vuolla have found their own ground on the less brighter side of music. The flag stands where melancholic post rock meets the great elements of doom and death-metal with a gentle progressive touch.

Inspired by the shadowy corners of life and being their music takes the patient listener on a journey deep into the mist inside – guided by a flickering flame and a distant word of hope..

In 2015 Vuolla signed a record contract with Schwarzdorn Production. Debut album was released on 03.06.2016.


“Blood. Stone. Sun. Down.” (2016)

“Rivers in me” -single (2012)

“At the edge of the mist” -ep (2011)

“A part of us will never leave this place” -demo (2009)

Booking and contact: Ilari Kallinen / +358 400 844 049 /


Kati K – vocals, keyboards

Kalle Korhonen – growls

Ilari Kallinen – guitars

Mika Laine – bass

Timo Ruunaniemi – drums


Record label: Schwarzdorn Production

Schwarzdorn Production